Director of Music - Joe Cooper

Joe Cooper was a chorister at St Peter's Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton where he was Head Chorister and Organ Scholar.  Joe attended the Birmingham Conservatoire under tutors Henry Fairs and Paul Spicer.  Before his appointment here he ran the music department at St Bartholomew's in Penn for five years where he built up a successful choir culminating in tours and the production of CDs.  Now at St Alphege he is determined to give the choirs national acclaim and make the church the centre of music in the town.  Emphasis is placed on links with schools and music societies, but of course the most important part of the job is the day-to-day running of the choirs resulting in the exploration of great repertoire and high standards for all choristers involved.    Joe has been at St Alphege since October 2012 and welcomes any interest in the choirs and the music department.  To contact him use 07935 962677 or


We will be announcing the new member of the team at St Alphege shortly. 

Vocal Coach - Allison Taylor

Allison Taylor joined the music staff of St Alphege, Solihull in May 2014.  As Allison is a professional singing teacher all of the choristers are enjoying individual attention, seeing their training from another point of view.  She is also helping some of the younger choristers with music theory. 

Allison is a teacher at St Alphege Infant School and we are very pleased that the link between church and school can be cemented even more strongly.  Allison will be a familiar face to some of our children as they sing in the very successful 'SongSquad', St Alphege Junior School's choir. 


Vacancies currently exist for Choral Scholars/Lay Clerks.  Visit our Vacancies page for more information. 
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