The Friends of St Alphege Music

Formed in 1978 by a group of choirmen and parents of choristers The Friends of the Music started fundraising to support the running of the choirs by purchasing robes, hymn books, sheet music and other necessary items to ensure the efficient running of the choirs.

Over the years many thousands of pounds have been raised by means of concerts, sponsored events, quiz evenings, and in many other ways.  Look at this website and our Facebook page for details of forthcoming events. 

In addition to providing for the normal running costs of the choirs The Friends have:
  • purchased two pianos for the use of the church
  • sponsored choristers on music courses run by the Royal School of Church Music
  • paid for reading desks on the choir stall
  • paid for the employment of an Organ Scholar and an Assistant Organist
  • contributed a significant amount to the amplification system at St. Alphege Church
  • subsidised choristers on choir weeks away.

As well as the education of the youngsters in our choirs, one of the main objectives of The Friends is the maintenance of the very wonderful choral tradition of cathedral style music at the Parish Church. This tradition, which has died out in so many parishes across our country, still thrives at the Parish Church, but needs continual financial support to do so. We therefore invite you to become a member of the Friends of the Music.

Find out about joining by emailing the Membership Secretary, Isabel Baumber.  Your joining us would be much appreciated and will help to ensure the maintenance of our fine choral tradition.

The Fortieth AGM will be held on Thursday 25th October in church, at 7.15pm.  The minutes from last year's AGM can be viewed here

The Friends of St Alphege Music is a charity registered in England and Wales, number 511237. 

Follow us on Facebook to be kept up-to-date with Friends of the Music news and events. 

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